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What Better Way To Start Your Child’s Love Of Nature Than With The Optimistic Image Of “High-Fiving” A Tree?

You’ve heard of literacy; but have you ever heard of environmental literacy? This unique and encouraging book improves both of these skills at the same time, enhancing your child’s understanding and appreciation of nature, and teaching them there is a much bigger world out there beyond all the “screens” of our modern society.

Every Living Thing Is Intimately Connected In A Web Of Life


Join your child on an adventure through nature, while you reflect on positive and life-affirming environmental values! Your child will learn all about the significance of our Earth’s natural environment, and the vital role each living thing plays in it.

Their imagination will soar as this delightful book takes you to visit each unique and precious wildlife creature, all leading the way back to our essential trees -- which provide the air we breathe, of course!

This book demonstrates the inner workings behind the precious ecosystem that ties all life on the planet Earth together, instilling a natural sense of respect, love and even universal oneness with nature in your kiddo.

Make The World A Better Place For Your Child; Start Early With Fun Environmental Education


High Five A Tree also gently and buoyantly educates them on the importance of preserving our habitat, the planet earth. As the majority of adults know, this is a crucial issue with far-reaching implications for all future generations, including your child!


Learning how to love our environment is the best way to start. For now, that’s the most important thing you can teach your little one, and this book does a magnificent job of doing just that, without getting into anything else that might confuse their joy at this early age.

Written by a mother, for children. Get your copy today!

High Five A Tree; Give Thanks For The Air We Breathe:

A Fun Children’s Book About Earth, Trees, And Nature

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This is a book of gratitude, purpose, and awareness for all living things

and the universal law of Oneness!!

​​​​​​​We are all connected 

*Avaliable in Paperback – Large Print.

Give Thanks For The Oxygen We Breathe

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High Five A Tree: ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Conscientious Kids Books

by Sonia Rodrigues (Author)

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Sonia Rodrigues | Author

Sonia is an avid writer and an advocate for the protection of mother nature. Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Sonia has always been obsessed with intricacies of nature from an early age. Prompted by the drastic negative effect of human activities on beautiful rural life and the marine ecosystem, she began advocacy promoting environmental sustainability and management.  

Prior to beginning her advocacy, Sonia enjoyed a successful career in the banking industry where she served as a mortgage & investment advisor. She believes that there are moments in one’s life in which changes occur from the inside out and our perspective on life and what truly matters rises to the surface while everything else that is superficial and harmful to humanity falls away. To this end, after the birth of her lovely daughter, she began exploring her passion for writing which is inspired by nature, happenings in society and family life.

While encouraging and inspiring people to further protect and sustain the planet for future generations, Sonia enjoys exploring the beauty of nature and going on nature hikes with her two daughters whom she holds in high regard. 

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Conscientious Kids Books is a collection of books dedicated in educating our children all about our planet Earth, its ecosystem, wildlife creatures, and how we are all deeply connected for our survival.

Having learnt that everything on our planet has a purpose I am eager to share this to as many children as possible. Teaching our children the Universal law of Oneness!

High Five A Tree is our first book with many more to follow.

New books will be available every four months.